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Ortho Memory (78X36X6 inch) (1981X915X153 mm)

₹ 17,970.00

The Ortho-memory mattress is the most innovative product offering from Sleepsure. It is specially designed for those customers who are suffering from back pain. This mattress is designed with a perfect blend of regenerated bonded foam base and a generous layer of oxo-flast extra high density ortho memory foam, which is specially manufactured by us, as it consists of a layer of extra bouncy super soft foam and a thick quilt of comfy elastic high density memory foam made up of a honeycomb mesh structured quilt design. It is covered with a special polar camel soft fabric. This doctor's suggested configuration really helps to support the spinal cord of the human body and create the perfect balance for refreshing sleep. "Perfect mattress for relief of back pain."

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Ortho Memory Mattress Specification
* Range: - Luxuria (The ultimate premium range of mattress)
* Material:- Extra high density ortho memory foam + thick quilt + HD memory foam
*Fabric: - Special polar camel softy fabric
* Firmness Level: - Extra Soft Firm
* Design: - Double Sided
*Color: - Color may vary
*Product Dimension: - 78 inch * 36 inch * 6 inch
*Warranty Period: - 84 Months
*Return/Exchange: - As per given in the warranty card

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