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Hospital-Rexo Foam (72X30X4 inch) (1829X762X102 mm)

₹ 4,741.00

The human body is a miracle of nature and a scientific marvel. So, we should pamper it very delicately under any condition. And for this, Sleepsure is with you, not only in your good times but also in your painful ones. For that reason, we have our "Hospita Mattress Range" for your healing and care. Sleepsure is crafting an extraordinary hospital mattress, which is available in different configurations as per medical recommendations. And surprisingly, we are not using Rexine for these mattresses' coverings. Instead, we are using 100% PVC coated very high GSM branded fabric from a very reputed industry. This special fabric is totally waterproof, stretchable, and fully washable. This fabric has the capability to be antimicrobial and suitable for x-rays. As per advanced engineering, on the basis of different mechanisms of hospital beds like fowler beds, we have designed our hospital mattresses with one-fold, two-fold, three-fold and also without fold as per requirement. We make all kinds of products be it normal mattresses, fowler beds or ICU beds as suited to the needs of the hospital mattresses manufacturer.

Product Size: Dimension (72X30X4 inch) (1829X762X102 mm)
Square Foot: 15
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From Restless to restful… Eco Way!!! Crafted by meticulously combining expandable thermo bond and PU Foam. Eco-economy stands by its name for being the most affordable mattress in this segment. Yet the makers have kept in mind the quality and crafted this mattress with at most care

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