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Terms and condition


Heading of terms & Conditions

 User Account and registration

1         A User Account is a prerequisite for placing orders in the Online Shop, using Digital Content or Services, and providing User content such as comments on websites


*   Prerequisites for registering a User Account and registration process

1    User must be of age and have full legal capacity.

2    User must provide accurate and complete details upon registration and must keep them up to date.

3    User must provide a valid email address. User warrants that they are entitled to receive email at such email address. Sleepsuree is not obliged to use such email address for communication with User.

4    User may review the data entered and correct any errors or terminate the registration process at any time before sending off the completed registration form. By clicking the confirmation button, User registers a User Account. Sleepsure will send User a confirmation of receipt of their registration Sleepsure may reject registrations for any or no reason.

 Individual User Account and Institutional User Account

1    If User wants to order Products as an Individual Customer as well as on behalf of Business Customer User must register two separate User Accounts for those different purposes, i.e.

(a)    One User Account for placing orders as an Individual Customer (“Individual User Account”) and

(b)    Another User Account for placing orders on behalf of the relevant Institutional Customer (“Business User Account”).

2    User may, however, always register only one Individual User Account and only one Business User Account.

3    User must use a private email address for their Individual User Account and their professional email address (provided by the relevant Business Customer) for their Business User Account.

4    Upon registering Business Account, User warrants and represents that they are duly authorized by the relevant Business Customer to act as its agent and conclude contracts in the name of that Business Customer.

   Using the User Account

* User’s role when using their User Account(s)

1    When using their Individual User Account, User shall always be deemed to act in their own name; when using their Business User Account, User shall always be deemed to act on behalf of the relevant Business Customer. This means:

    If User orders Products as an Individual Customer, User shall be the Customer  and the Authorized User

If User orders Products on behalf of the relevant Business Customer, that business Customer shall be the Customer but User shall be the (only) Authorized User

2    Strictly personal use

  A User Account is always User’s personal account. It provides User with access to the Digital Content and/or Services which they are authorized to use as the Authorized User. According to the User’s rights of use for Digital Content and/or the specific terms for the relevant Service. This means:

(a)    User may not let other persons (including other persons affiliated with the same Business Customer) use their User Account and/or any Digital Content and/or  Services which can be accessed from their User Account.

(b)    User may not give other persons access to downloaded Digital Content or share downloaded Digital Content with other persons in any form.

(c)    User may not give other persons access to any results created using a Service or share such results unless expressly authorized to do so under the applicable terms of the relevant Service


User’s obligations and consequences of noncompliance

1    User must keep their user credentials confidential. If User has reason to suspect that another person may have access to, or be using, their User Account, User must inform Sleepsure immediately and set a new password.

2    Where User is responsible for third-party use of their User Account due to noncompliance with said obligations, User shall be liable for all consequences, including payment for orders.

3    Sleepsure may suspend or terminate a User Account after a warning or immediately in order to prevent misuse. In such event, User may not re-register without Sleepsures  prior written consent. The suspension or termination of the User Account shall not affect Sleepsure right to continue to use User content already submitted by User.

 Ordering products

1    User may put any Product in the shopping cart by clicking the relevant button on the Product page. User can review the content of the shopping cart at any time and may alter the number of copies (for goods only) or remove Products from the shopping cart or terminate the order process before submitting their order.

2    By clicking the confirmation button, User submits their order. Sleepsure will send User a confirmation of receipt; subject to the contract is concluded upon such confirmation. The contract will not be filed and will not be accessible to User, but Sleepsure will include the Terms and Conditions in the confirmation email.

3    Should the payment process not be completed successfully, i.e. Sleepsure does not receive a confirmation of Customer’s payment from the relevant payment service provider, Sleepsure will not confirm the order, but notify Customer of the failure of payment, and no contract will be deemed made.



 Payment and invoicing

.1    Customer may pay with credit card and/or via PayPal/etc., as displayed before or at the beginning of the order process. In order to use PayPal, Customer must have an account with PayPal. No other means of payment will be available.

2    If Customer pays with credit card, Springer Nature will transmit the payment details to the relevant credit card issuer. The purchase price will be charged immediately after receipt of the order. The relevant credit card issuer’s terms and conditions apply.

3    If Customer pays via RazorPay, Customer will be redirected to www.razorpay.com, in order to make the payment.  RazorPay terms and conditions apply.

4    Customer agrees to receive an electronic invoice at the email address provided in the User Account. Sleepsure may charge a reasonable fee for sending a hard-copy invoice at Customer’s request.

5    If Customer fails to honor their payment obligations, or if any amounts paid are reverse-charged, Sleepsure may block Authorized User’s access to the Online Shop and/or to Digital Content Platforms until Sleepsure has received full payment of all

6    Goods are delivered subject to retention of title and shall remain Sleepsure property until the purchase price has been paid in full.

7 Goods once sold will not be returned.

 Special provisions for specific products

  Purchase of Goods

1    Sleepsure shall deliver Goods within the time specified at the time the order is placed.

2    Sleepsure shall deliver Goods using an appropriate shipping method chosen in its reasonable discretion; shipping costs shall never exceed the amount specified specified at the time the order is placed.

3    Sleepsure may make partial deliveries where Customer can be reasonably expected to accept partial delivery;

 Access to Digital Content

B.2.1    General Prerequisites
for using digital content, e.g. reading purchased or rented eBooks, and for reading content downloaded from Personal Collections, Customer/Authorized User needs normal Internet access and software for viewing documents in the electronic format specified on the Product page, if any.

1    Authorized User needs to log into their User Account in order to trigger the download of Digital Content.

2    Digital Content purchased for Download can be downloaded by Authorized User immediately after the conclusion of the contract.