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Araam Ultra (78X72X6 inch) (1981X1829X153 mm)

₹ 20,735.00

In the hospitality sector, mattresses and bedding play a very important role. Mattress has direct contact with the hotel?s valuable customers. There is every type of customer in the hotel, like families, young friends, corporate officers, businessmen, senior citizens, children, etc. Every customer?s needs are very different from each other. But one thing is common: after doing their daily activities like meetings, travelling, office work, etc., they need that sound relaxation. And for that, Sleepsure is there at your service. Sleepsure has its own specially designed "Hotelia Mattress Range". Hotels prefer spring mattresses for their hospitality purposes. But due to this, the customer who does regular hoteling suffers from body pain, back pain, and other issues. Sleepsure offers the same comfort and relaxation without spring mattresses. In these mattresses we are using combinations of highdensity premium polyurethane foam, extra bouncy HD super soft foam, high density reactive foam, and good quality expanded polyurethane foam with high GSM fabulous fabric, which attracts your customers and makes the room rich.

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From Restless to restful… Eco Way!!! Crafted by meticulously combining expandable thermo bond and PU Foam. Eco-economy stands by its name for being the most affordable mattress in this segment. Yet the makers have kept in mind the quality and crafted this mattress with at most care

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